Celine Amer, Programme manager Made in Marylebone

CelineAmerIn my initial marketing experiences in the food industry, I figured out as a job it’s a lot about maximising profits and minimising costs. Not so much about ensuring a high quality product. Also I got upset at the very low valorisation of the people working for the company.

All of this led me to want to work in ethical marketing

Munch in Marylebone is one of the most appreciated activities for the women in the shelter, because its socialising, and food is a bridge between them and their culture. Cooking all together remembers them of the family they don’t have any more. It builds social link, it goes beyond developing competences.

Knowing that I work for women who didn’t get the same opportunities from life than me lifts me up. Talking to them I realised that they have been through a lot of difficulties. And they are kind of the best business school students, or the best sole traders. Being capable of doing what they’ve done, survive in the street, escape from domestic violence, and yet have a project, find a place to stay, a job… it requires entrepreneurship and resilience. These women are so inspiring to me. It makes me humble. And motivates me to give the best of me.

Celine Amer, Programme Manager @ Made In Marylebone

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